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kas in de winter
a cold warehouse

our solar panels

MPS A - Koos Haket - pioenrozen
MPS-A+ certificate

our winged 'staff'



Because we grow in a cold greenhouse and only keep the greenhouse frost-free for a short time in the spring, the CO2 emissions in our company are neutral. The growth of the plants in the spring absorbs more CO2 from the air than we emit during the cultivation process.


In addition, in 2012 we installed 72 solar panels on the roof of the barn so that from 2013 we can generate our own electricity in a fully sustainable manner. The total annual production is approximately 17,000 kWh.
The production of electricity even exceeds the demand in our company so that this green energy is fed back into the grid.

MPS-A+ Certificate

We have been awarded the MPS-A + Certificate by MPS-ECAS ( The MPS-ABC certificate is used to demonstrate environmental performance. MPS-ABC participants register their use of crop protection agents, fertilizers, energy and waste every four weeks. They receive a qualification based on the consumption. Depending on a number of things, this is a qualification MPS-A +, MPS-A, MPS-B, MPS-C or MPS-D. The MPS-A + qualification stands for the most environmentally conscious cultivation.

Environmental friendly

In our greenhouses there are about 15 chickens that largely keep the weeds and various annoying insects under control. This saves a lot of work and is good for the environment!