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Ellen en Koos Haket

Familie Haket

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17.000 m2 kas en 13.000 m2 tunnels

My name is Koos Haket and together with my wife I own the peony nursery VOF KOOS HAKET PEONY ROSES at 16A Overgauwseweg in Pijnacker in the Netherlands. The VOF has also been expanded with a new nursery of son Colin. As a result, the company now consists of a total area of ​​33,000 m², of which 19,000 m² is greenhouse, 6,000 m² tunnels and 8,000 m² outdoor cultivation.

From January 1, 2018, our two daughters and our son have joined our VOF. In addition to working in our VOF, they also have activities outside the company.
The Koetshuys in Pijnacker is one of them. In this flower shop you can not only buy flowers, but also nice gifts and bridal and mourning work.

During my education I worked in my father's horticultural business where, just like my grandfather, mainly vegetables were grown; tomatoes, lettuce, cauliflower and beans. After working for various flower growers I started my own company. We now have over 35 years of experience in growing flowers with the highest goal of top quality!

After starting with spray carnations Karina, Barbara and Stefanie, we switched to spray roses Mimi rose and Evelien to finish with the fragrant large-flowered rose Jacaranda that we have grown for 17 years. After this we switched entirely to peonies.


Our company mainly works with freelancers who all have years of experience in floriculture. We also sometimes use students during the holidays.

Hard work and a good and fun cooperation with everyone is very important to us. With the help of everyone's talents, we put a high-quality end product on the market every year.